Pond Aerators: The Key To A Healthy Pond

Increasing the face Value of your Home

One of the most popular ways that people are going about to increase the face value of their home is by installing a pond. A pond is a very nice structure that adds a very refreshing and nature like feel to any backyard or garden. It also adds value to the re-sale value of your home. Installing your pond is actually fairly simple, all though it may be a little pricey. With that being said, it is important to keep your pond healthy so it stays looking good at all times.

Keeping Pond Healthy

Pond aerators are the best way to keep your pond clean and healthy. Aeration is the process in which oxygen is added to water, which is the purpose of an aerator. The most important role that an aerator plays in your pond is the breakdown of decaying vegetation and other nutrients that may slip into your pond, which basically means there will be less nutrients available for algae to bloom. Although some form of aeration is brought on by mother nature by wind and rain it is not enough to keep your pond healthy. Without the proper use of an aerator your pond will probably turn green due to algae and the life of your pond will be shortened. Yet with the proper use of pond aerators, it helps to allow for more fish, improve overall water quality of the pond, prevent further algae from being able to bloom, reduces the amount of phosphorus in the water, destraisfys the water and gives you an overall attractive looking and healthy pond.

The key to proper pond maintenance is by using by choosing from one of the many kinds of pond aerators, which include: horizontal, vertical, windmill, paddle wheels and several other options. Keep in mind the importance of a proper pond aerators if you are thinking of building a pond.